A few of our best sellers for iPhone 7  iPhone 7 Plus The Marble Case in Rose, Smoked Coral  Geode from Elemental Cases - http://amzn.to/2h26UWh
Apple Stock (Nasdaq: AAPL) - Money Morning - Only the News You Can Profit From
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This affordable iPhone 7 adapter gives back the headphone jack Apple took away Read more Technology News Here --> http://digitaltechnologynews.com One of the biggest issues with the iPhone 7 is that you can't charge and listen to music at the same time unless you're using wireless headphones. This problem has lead accessory makers to release expensive adapters to solve that problem.   If Belkin's $40 (35 AU$60) Lightning Audio  Charge RockStar adapter is too expensive for you then $10…
After revealing the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, Apple is finally releasing iOS 10 for everyone with a compatible device today. Of course you’re going to want to set aside some time for playing around with the new software, but if you want to get to the newest features right away, then these are (almost) all the extra tricks that iOS has learned in the last year. Here are 23 things you can do with iOS 10 that you couldn’t do before.
This is what Nintendo Switch looks like: arriving March 2017 going for console handheld and tablet in one     - CNET
Apple is releasing a special-edition version of its iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus red
The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Camera Blows the iPhone 7 Plus Camera Out of the Water - TheStreet.com
Samsung just tried to steal some of the iPhone X's thunder and it really didn't work - BGR
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iPhone 6 Sapphire front display with 4.9-inch screen appears as interesting concept – Video  iPhone 6 release date rumors point to next year, and until then we are delighted with all sorts of concepts.
This is good news for the fans of Smartphones, using the Android operating system, as this OS provides a lot of apps and fantastic screen features for different types of graphic displays.
iPhone 7 tipped to launch September 16 A typically reliable leaker known as @evleaks offers up a release date, which follows Apple's normal pattern of a mid-September launch for iPhones.
Second Wave iPhone 7 and 7 Plus Launch Kicks Off in Dozens of Countries Around the World - https://www.aivanet.com/2016/09/second-wave-iphone-7-and-7-plus-launch-kicks-off-in-dozens-of-countries-around-the-world/