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The power of the relaxation response

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If you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, receiving real support from people who care is as important for your healing as good nutrition, eliminating toxins, and plugging in to the right cancer-healing modalities and protocols. Click on the image above and read on as Dr. V explains how being a part of a network of caring family members, friends, neighbors, community members, and health care professionals can turn on your body’s “relaxation response.”


Herbert Benson, M.D., founding President of the Mind/Body Medical Institute; Associate Professor of Medicine, Harvard; and Chief of Medicine at BIDMC. Pioneered research on The Relaxation Response.

Cancer Diagnosis? How to Turn On the Healing Power of the

Have you ever heard of the "relaxation response"? When the body is calm, the relaxation response becomes activated. The limbic system goes into “hibernation mode,” allowing the healing activities of the parasympathetic nervous system to activate and the immune system kicks into high gear and begins doing its job of hunting out and eliminating pathogens. Natural Killer Cells are produced in abundance and the body detoxifies and heals itself on the deepest levels. Read on to find out more...


The health benefits of strong relationships


Stress? The Relaxation Response, meditation, yoga, repetitive prayer, provide effective positive genomic changes both in experienced and novice practitioners.


Why complicate something that can be so simple, and so effective, in stimulating the relaxation response when dealing with labor contractions? The best way to breathe during labor contractions belongs in the category of K.I.S.S.-“keep it simple sweetheart”.