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Psychrometrics Chart, can be used to find change in relative humidity based on temperature change. Better PDF at

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What Exactly Is the Heat Index?

Heat Index Chart. I grew up in the south where it was regularly in the mid-90s with 85% relative humidity in the summers. That feels so hot it's not even on the chart!

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Ohhh The Humidity

Ohhh The Humidity--chart tells humidity vs temperature and workout zones

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How to Measure Dewpoint

dewpoint and relative humidity chart - Google Search


Manual Humidifier Control. Tap Humidifier under the humidity tab to access the humidifier screen. To control your humidifier’s status, tap On/Off. Tap the arrows on the Humidifier Control icon to set the desired indoor humidity level. You should consult the Suggested Indoor Relative Humidity Chart at the bottom of the screen when determining what level to set your relative humidity.

ESRT dewpoint and relative humidity chart - Google Search

Monthly Home Maintenance Checklist with How To Videos: Home Energy Resource MN

Assume that the outside air temperature is 32°C with a relative humidity φ = 60%. Use the psychrometric chart to determine the specific humidity ω [18 gm-moisture/kg-air], the enthalpy h [78 kJ/kg-air], the wet-bulb temperature Twb [25.5°C], the dew-point temperature Tdp [23°C], and the specific volume of the dry air v [0.89m3/kg]. Indicate all the values determined on the chart.


This chart, created by Gwen Spicer, Principal Conservator at Spicer Art Conservation, shows the delicate balance of temperature, relative humidity, and mold growth. Preventing mold in your collection is essential to protecting your artifacts!

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Relative Humidity

Its easy to tell when it's sticky outside: You have to peel yourself off vinyl car seats and plastic lawn furniture, and the laundry you hang on the line never seems to dry. Now you can get a more accurate measure of the mugginess, or relative humidity, by using the following charts and a simple tool called a sling psychrometer that you can make yourself.