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8 Warning Signs Of A Relationship Gone Horribly Wrong

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You are the only person I trust like that, and I don't know what I'll do when you are gone A. 12/27/2016 MYF.

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Yep, even after all the bad things you've gossiped about me and my family, you ignored my son and walked right past him in a restaurant and didn't speak while your husband did. You blocked both my kids on FB like a teenager, even tho they've done nothing to you and you've involved your children in this mess. You intentionally excluded me from the funerals of women I physically helped care fop many years. But I'm the mean one?

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How to Get more Traffic in your Blog? The Bloggers Hacks of 2016.

Some say I have severe pistanthrophobia,, but nahhhhh, it's what they've done LATELY that has me not trusting them!

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Pisanthrophobia is the common fear of trusting people because of past experiences with relationships that have gone bad

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love to looking into your eyes, love to hear your voice, love to caress your skin, love to hold your hand, love to kiss your lips... LOVE YOU BEAUTIFUL. if you want to talk at all while you are gone, even if it is to not talk about us or our love... just talk to help you get through this weekend please, please get ahold of me. I am here for you always!

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I'm over you trying to control who I can hangout with when you aren't my bf. You have no right to an opinion

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Good Vibes HERE (The Good Vibe)

Hmm.... so there is a name for it!...Pistanthrophobia: fear of trusting people due to past experiences with relationships gone bad

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