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I'm in love with all the headpieces they have in the TV show Reign. I just want to steal them all!!!!!!

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A gorgeous twisted bohemian hairstyle inspired from Olivia on Reign. Checkout the fresh tutorial at

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"She knew Lancelot already, but the golden-haired boy, Sir Ector's page and Lancelot's friend, was a surprise-- a pleasant surprise, she soon realized as he smiled and talked at last..."

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Visherra's mother died in childbirth and she was abandoned to her uncle, who did not like her. He then abandoned her to the Vishu, her other uncle, who cared for her, but as the Vishu was not very affectionate in general, she did not receive much love in her childhood and her offish demeanor and tendency to destroy anything good made it more difficult…

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"You're a little queen" He told me, placing the crown gently on my head. I giggled, taking out the other one. "And you're a king!" I squealed. He chuckled, pulling me into a hug. Little did I know, that was the last hud I would ever get from my big brother. The last time I would ever smile. ~ NU5513 ~ More

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8 Reasons I am watching the CW's new period Drama Reign. It's so totally great, and if you aren't watching the CW's reign, you totally should be.

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This gorgeous twisted pull back hairstyle is super easy to do and fun to wear! Come checkout the tutorial at

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