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They come to the USA escaping socialism & communism, seeking freedom and the opportunity to achieve and succeed, then they support socialism & communism saying it's better...WAKE UP DEMOCRATS, you have been their tool


MISSISSIPPI 1966 | June 5, 1966, equipped with a sun helmet, walking stick, and Bible, James Meredith, began a 220-mile March Against Fear from Memphis, TN, to Jackson, Miss., to encourage African Americans in Miss. to register to vote and prove an African American man could walk free in the South. On the second day of the March outside Hernando, Miss. he was shot, but completed the march after recoveri from his wounds. 4,000 Black Mississippians registered to Vote as a result.


MISSISSIPPI 1964 | Photo: CORE worker accompanying a woman to the courthouse, where she will try to register to vote. In 1964, 45% of Mississippi's population was Black, but less than 5% of Blacks were registered to vote state-wide. Registering voters in Batesville, Mississippi during Freedom Summer, 1964. Civil rights workers survived more than 400 acts of violence during the 10 weeks of Freedom Summer. (photo by Robert Brand)

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27 Badass Ladies Who Secured Your Right to Vote

Suffragette protestor | An American suffragette with an umbrella stands next to a baby carriage and wears a sign proclaiming 'Women! Use your vote,' circa 1920.


Fact: Donald Trump will win! Published on Oct 18, 2016 Hillary Clinton has a nice friendly pet, a weasel in fact, at the FBI. Hillary Clinton and her immediate family are influence peddling, money laundering criminals. She has inappropriate financial ties to foreign billionaire families. Hillary Clinton's party stole the nomination for her. Hillary Clinton has lied repeatedly to the American people on the camp

Young Virginia Democrat Andrew Spieles confessed this week to registering 19 dead people to vote for Hillary. Maybe someday young ...

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5 THINGS: A Travel Guide to San Luis Obispo

5 THINGS: A Travel Guide to San Luis Obispo | California Central Coast #california #centralcoast #CA

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29 Badass Images Of Women Winning And Exercising The Right To Vote

The 19th amendment is certified and women across the country win the right to vote on August 26th, 1920!

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Meryl Streep Wants Congress to Resurrect the Equal Rights Amendment

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The custom geometric wood wall continues from the wall onto the underbar. The wall was designed by Bells & Whistles and fabricated by the very skilled master-craftsman, Jason Lane.