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Flip, Slide, Turn. Reflection, Translation, Rotation. #transformations #interactive #engaging

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Especially as a IS Teacher I would like to have posters around the room to help remind the students of material covered. I would also allow the students to use the posters during a test- the posters might not be the main idea of the test but it could be a part of it so it can be used as an aid.

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Reflections and Rotations INB Pages

rotations foldable for geometry interactive notebooks

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Fun activity I did with my students. (I realized they need to practice their cutting DC

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Reflections and Rotations INB Pages

Reflections Practice Page for Geometry Interactive Notebooks

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Translate, Reflect, and Rotate Worksheet

This is a multiple choice worksheet that students look at a transformation and choose rather it is a translation, reflection, or rotation.

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This "mini word wall" sample has four different words relating to geometry and spatial reasoning. Each word and graphic is colorful, handmade, and eye-catching. The words are reflection, rotation, translation, and dilation. Make this page into a poster, hang on your word wall, turn into flash cards, or print for each individual student. Enjoy!

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