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Especially cause my hair is redish-blondish personally I think it's way more red than blonde. But whenever I make a ginger joke about myself someone always says my hair is orange and not red. IT'S RED.

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TODAY. This happened today. Stupid 9 hour baseball game...

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Or the teacher has the class split up into dark and light haired people and you're stuck wondering which group you belong in. #awkward

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It's a ginger thing #130: When people tease you for putting sunscreen on when it's shady out and you tell them, Look the sun will find me. Redhead problems, Ginger problems, Red hair, MC1R.

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Red haired/blue eyed combinations are said to be one of the rarest combinations. It is usually more common to see a redhead with brown or green eyes than with blue. << I am not saying this makes me a superhero... but it totally makes me a superhero.

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Ginger Problems...During my growing up years, this was my lot in life.

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