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29 Things Only People From Upstate New York Understand

Becoming a parent means a lot of things. It means knowing what it's like to have part of your heart walk around outside your body. It means making every decision for the rest of your life based off of the needs of another person. It means kissing you

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Irish setter puppy dog...gorgeous face, ears and feathering...THIS IS THE dog I wanted when I was a teenager !!!

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The Redhead: Thursdays to Every Day, One Chef's Path

The Redhead - Arguably the best fried chicken in NYC...must check it out! (Southern food/East Village)

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I love stopping at a cafe in a thrumming city like NYC or Seattle or Paris, sipping tea and watching the world go by.

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Is that literally Barbara Gordon in the flesh? Ha, love her expression and the jacket, it really sells it for me.

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