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What if the crying child fears Fredbear will hurt him because Baby kidnapped his sister? Theory created by -popgoes on Reddit:

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This Insane 'Dark Knight' Fan Theory Plots The Joker As The Real Hero


Is There Any Real Evidence For ‘Pizzagate?’ Reddit CEO Fans Conspiracy Theory Flames

Fan Theory on Gen 2 Pokemon Stats!   With Pokemon GO slowly but surely running out of stuff to do, the community will be excited to learn what’s next for the game. View Spreadsheet of all Pokemon CP Stats HERE A Few days ago, Reddit user khrawn calculated the attack, defense, and stamina of all evolved Gen …

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Star Wars : une nouvelle théorie de fan sur les origines de Rey

Et si l'héroïne du "Réveil de la Force" avait en fait des origines royales ? En attendant l'épisode VIII, c'est en tout cas ce qu'imagine une nouvelle théorie de fan née sur les forums de Reddit...

Top 10 Mind-Blowing Video Game Fan Theories Fan theories are a fun way to engage with our favorite games long after weve put them down. Some are definitely more believable than others but even the craziest conspiracies can be an entertaining read. With help from the awesome Reddit and YouTube gaming communities weve put together a list of some popular video game theories that totally blew our minds. Continue reading @scottdoggaming