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Red Robin Application

Red Robin donates gift certificates charitable organizations that focus their efforts on health, welfare or education. Guidelines and online application:


Prior to joining #DigitalFusion as Vice President of Digital, Corey was Principal and VP at a leading Denver interactive marketing agency driving digital brand building programs for clients like Jack Link's, Red Robin Burgers, Corner Bakery and Atkins Nutritionals. He successfully implemented lead generation programs for Fortune 500 companies like Xerox, Sony and IBM and drove development of custom applications to support sales funnel acceleration, conversion and retention.

Christmas Tree Rustic Decoration - SET of 5 - Robin Red Breast Ornament ECO Hessian Ivory Red Felt. $24.00, via Etsy.


Spotlight – World’s Finest: Red Cape, Big City

Blood lilies (Scadoxus multiflorus) in Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe, bloom at the start of the rains, attracting numerous sunbirds. This one is a red-chested sunbird (Cinnyris erythrocercus).


Winter Robin Bird Wall Hanging Pattern - Fig Tree & Co - Seasonal Mini Quilt 3

Winter Robin Bird Wall Hanging Pattern - Fig Tree & Co - Seasonal Mini Quilt 3. $8.95, via Etsy.


BIRDS SEE EARTH'S MAGNETIC FIELD VIA QUANTUM ENTANGLEMENT: "European robins maintain quantum entanglement" say physicists investigating how birds may use quantum effects to “see” Earth’s magnetic field. Quantum entanglement is a state where electrons are spatially separated, but able to affect one another. It’s been proposed that birds’ eyes contain entanglement-based compasses.