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Chocolate red~nosed pitbull...what a beautiful dog!

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red nose pitbull - beautiful animal. Hope it is being treated properly.

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Not a fan of clipped ears, but a pretty pup all the same.

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One of the single most gorgeous dog breeds. I feel like I should be saluting him.

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Red Nose Pit. If I got a red pit, I would have a red, white, and blue pitbull!!!!!

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Exercise and the American Pit Bull Terrier

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"I guard this house and don't you forget it please!"

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She is Beautiful. #Pitbull

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There’s so much RIGHT about this pitbull story

Although pit bulls were all created with similar crossbreeding between bulldogs and terriers, each individual breed within the type has a distinct history. The US Humane Society estimates that there are over 79.2 million owned dogs in the United States; however, the number of pit bull-type dogs has not been reliably determined.

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