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Red Twig Dogwood (Cornus stolinifera) - Winter Color. Zone 2-8. Red stems in winter, white blossoms in spring, red berries in fall. Fast Growth. Mature height: 6-10 ft.


So beautiful: red twig dogwoods with snowdrops beneath. Wish I'd put snowdrops under my dogwood now.


Details about Dogwood Red Twig Shrub 'Cornus stolonifera' Loved by the birds


Shrubs That Ensure Your Winter Yard Won't Be Bare

Read my Top 10 list of best plant ideas for winter landscapes and attracting wild birds (e.g., red osier dogwood). Ranking is based on visual interest value.


red osier dogwood, Other names Red Willow, Kinnikinnick, Redstem Dogwood, Redtwig Dogwood, Red-rood, American Dogwood, Creek Dogwood, and Western Dogwood. Deciduous Shrub. Used by some Indian Tribes to treat colds and slow bleeding, as a Tobacco, or Dye. Used now as soil erosion control as root system provides strong soil retention. So its MEDICINAL & has tough roots.

** RED OSIER DOGWOOD *** Shrub, Beautiful red branches, great for early spring vase cuttings, buds will turn to leaf in the house.


Arctic Fire™ - Red-Osier Dogwood - Cornus stolonifera

Red Dogwood is an excellent choice if you want to create some interest in the garden during snowy winter months. Google Image Result for