The circular-cut fancy reddish orange diamond, weighing approximately 3.15 carats With report 2145320178 dated 8 February 2012 from the Gemological Institute of America stating that the diamond is fancy reddish orange, natural color, SI2 clarity, with excellent polish and excellent symmetry

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Very rare Fancy Red Diamond Argyle Allegro Prima; Rio Tinto annual Tender 2015 more on

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Moussaieff Jewellers the Diamond weighing 2.09 carats. SOLD at Christie's Hongkong 2014 for a world record price for at an auction for any red diamond. @moussaieffjewellers

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A former record breaker in the color diamond world, The Hancock Red is a 0.95-carat Fancy Purplish-Red stone. The diamond was originally purchased at auction in 1956 by Warren Hancock for $13,500. When it was put up for auction again in 1987, it sold for $926,000/carat. The previous per carat record for a diamond was $127,000/carat!

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This diamond is a brilliant red colour diamond with a triangular cut, and it is the largest diamond of that colour. It weighs about 5.11 carats and is currently in the possession of MoussaieffJewellers Ltd. It costs about $20 million. #expensivediamonds #luxurydiamonds #jewelry

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The DeYoung Red Diamond is one of the largest known natural fancy dark red diamonds. It is a modified round brilliant cut diamond that has a clarity grade of VS-2 and weighs 5.03 carats. The diamond was acquired by S. Sydney DeYoung, a Boston jeweler, as part of a collection of estate jewelry in which it was wrongly identified as a garnet. It was gifted to the National Gem Collection by Mr. DeYoung in 1987.

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The world's rarest gem is believed to be painite, a gem that most have never even heard of. Rarity does not equate to beauty in gems, however. The painite is an orangish or reddish brown, with the brown tint coming from iron in the crystal. It was first discovered in Burma in the 1950s and was widely considered to be the rarest of all gems, with only two faceted crystals in existence.

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The Australian jeweller Calleija @calleijajewels recently unveiled its new boutique in Royal Arcade. Having attended the opening night, I spotted this breathtaking ‘Queen of Diamonds’ stone. It is a truly magnificent Red diamond like no other - an extremely rare 1.74ct Purplish Red Diamond from the Argyle Diamond Mine in Western Australia @argylepinkdiamonds_official. It is in fact the largest Purplish Red Diamond from the 2007 Argyle Pink Diamond Tender, and the second largest Red Diamond…

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