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Blueberry and Red Currant Jam

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Red Currant Jam

I've actually personally made this red currant fridge jam, it doesn't smell like anything but tastes delicious. makes me wonder about the supermarket jam that smells up the room when you open the jar.

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Raspberry-currant Jam

I often use currants instead of pectin in making jams. They add a lively tang and ensure the jam sets beautifully, especially since I use as little sugar as I can get away with. Use red currants and red raspberries together, or black currants with black raspberries.

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Fresh Black Currant Shortbread Bars

When life gives you blackcurrants, make shortbread bars! These shortbread bars have a buttery crispy crust and a tart, but sweet, blackcurrant spread to create a perfect bar.

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Red Currant Muffins

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Easy Red Currant Jelly

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Redcurrant Jelly Recipe - sweet and tart, this jelly is perfect for either sweet treats or as an accompaniment for swedish meatballs.

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This Red Currant Crumble looks amazing! And the great news is that this site has a Red Currant Poppy Seed Muffin recipe too! Double-amazing!

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Redcurrant & red onion relish

Redcurrant & red onion relish recipe Made 6 Jan 2013 - double recipe, made enough to fill three jam jars.

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