Red Arrow Titans Design by Bobkitty23

Red Arrow: Roy Harper formerly known as Speedy when he was partners with Green Arrow.

Red Arrow - DCU by on @deviantART

Official model sheet by Phil Bourassa with inks and colors by me.

Jake Bartok Red Arrow, Nightwing, Artemis, Superboy, Kid Flash, Aqualad, and Impulse

Wanted characters from Justice League, Teen Titans and Young Justice. Was inspired by the Marvel works of Marko Djurdevic. Was a real challenge fitting so many.

jakebartok:  RED ARROW by Jake Bartok

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Red & Green Arrow

Oliver and Roy are Green and Red Arrow fanart by lordmesa-art awe

The Red Arrow Arsenal

Green Arrow's first sidekick Speedy, and later Arsenal, and then Red Arrow, Roy Harper has grown to become one of the most accomplished marksmen in the DC Universe. Roy now goes by the name Arsenal once more.


Who is your Favourite member of the Young Justice Team? Mine are Robin and Red Arrow