"Rush Survival Kit" for littles first recruitment! but with bobby pins, powder, a small comb or brush, and wisps to brush teeth and stuff

DIY your photo charms, compatible with Pandora bracelets. Make your gifts special. Make your life special! "Rush Survival Kit" for my littles first recruitment!

Prep Essentials: Sorority Recruitment Survival Guide - For Actives! See the original blog post here! prepessentials.blogspot.com

With August finally here, sorority chapters all over the country are busily preparing their houses, outfits, and scorecards, while PNM's (p.

In part 3 of my sorority recruitment series, I've put together a kit of all the essentials to have on hand. #WardrobeSolutions #ad

In part 3 of my sorority recruitment series, I've put together a kit of all the essentials to have on hand.

Texas A&M Sorority Recruitment Survival Kit

What should you bring to Texas A&M sorority recruitment? Make a sorority recruitment survival kit.

Wedding day survival kit - Make it an enjoyable and ongoing project. Whenever you're at the store, pick up one item and toss it in the kit. By the time the wedding rolls around, you'll be completely prepared!

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Wedding Day Emergency Kit - need to remember to get all this so I'm all ready for my maid of honor duties! Also, need to add a Mr. Clean magic eraser to this list! Best thing ever for removing stains on delicate fabric.

Rotation group survival kit!  Have these essentials in your rotation group box during recruitment.  Travel brush with mirror compact, tinted lip gloss, bobby pins, deodorant, safety pins, blotting paper, and mints.  What would you put in your survival kit?

Great idea to keep these things in a purse for Rush Week, football or basketball games, weekend parties, interviews. Anything where you may have an emergency!

build a sorority survival kit to help your chapter through any rush emergency! <3 BLOG LINK: http://sororitysugar.tumblr.com/post/40289306005/hello-your-blog-is-so-great-im-putting-together-a @Anne Vitha

Hello! Your blog is so great! I'm putting together a "recruitment survival kit" for my house (as the recruiters), any suggestions on what to put in it? I'm thinking things like extra stockings, nail polish remover, breath mints, etc! Thanks!!

Build a sorority Survival Kit to help your chapter through any recruitment challenges and emergencies!