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The Top Ten Sites for Finding Public Records on the Web

The Top Ten Sites for Finding Public Records on the Web: 10 Free Web Resources For Finding Public Records Online


Online Death Indexes from all States

Online Search Death Certificates / Records by States| Using the death index / records can be of great assistance in making sure your family history has as much of the details as possible. Death records are kept in that state that an individual died in. Even if they never lived in a certain state, if they died there, records are kept. #DeathRecords #genealogy #StatebyState #SocialSecurity


For many of you this can delay or prevent the acceptance of a lineage society application. Frustrating? Frustrated about not finding your ancestor's marriage record? (Me, too!) Let's just not admit defeat yet, until we have looked at all of our options.


Use these 7 type of resources to pursue your ancestor's marriage information. As with much of our genealogy research, the answer is not always specific, but must be derived from more than one source. Don't hesitate to peruse a variety of records in search of clues to your ancestor's marriage. Sometimes answers will be found in the most unexpected places.