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Rum Cake with Butter Rum Glaze

Rum Cake with Butter Rum Glaze ~ This is so good I have made these for years as Christmas gifts.

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Rum Cake with Butter Rum Glaze

Easy from scratch recipe for Rum Cake with Butter Rum Glaze. This recipe comes from my book Holiday Thyme and is a perfect dessert for the holidays.

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Almost Tortuga Rum Cake

Almost Tortuga Rum Cake. So yummy! Surprisingly light in texture. NOTE: Unlike the recipe, I added the rum for the glaze and simmered for a long time to burn off the alcohol. Still had a kick to it though. Absolutely delicious. Rating: 5/5

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Coconut Rum Cake

This Coconut Rum Cake is a decadent, rich, buttery cake liberally soaked with coconut rum. It is a easy holiday or party treat for the grown up crowd. The recipe starts with a cake mix so the active time is about 15 minutes and nobody can tell it's based on a cake mix by the time you are done. Prepare for deliciousness!

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Banana Rum Cupcakes

Bananan Rum Cupcakes (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) with a cinnamon frosting and caramel drizzle are a delicious addition to your cupcake recipe box!

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This traditional Haitian cake recipe is the basis for all Haitian cake. What sets it apart from other butter cakes is the Barabancourt rum.

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