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ugly people problem #974 | Tumblr (direct quote from my guys "You are a freaking genius at all this!!! How are you not with someone!?" my reaction: "Those who can, date. Those who can't, teach." ;)

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Why Cassian and Jyn are perfect for each other<<< *cries forever* jk not forever... just for a really, really long time.

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This is literally the sweetest thing I have ever read ! She seems like a nice person and is very beautiful so Michael is definitely one lucky guu❤

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Okay well it has nothing to do with hippie's, i just dont have a category for this.. And i needed to post it.

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In Government, there are no "accidents". Only Plans that are executed or not executed. All the Money, Medicine, Food, Guns and Ammo that were an "accident"...were really planned support for ISIS, ISIL, HAMAS or whatever the terror group is calling itself today. They serve the same purpose: Kill anyone who does not follow their god. <little 'g' intentional.>

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