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'Build & Break' #atticuspoetry.

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☼ pinterest: brunettesass ☾

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Mary J blige - Real Love "Real love. I'm searching for a real love, someone to set my heart free"

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You are the creator and master of what is within you. The chaos you experience is your soul screaming. Master the self and allow your voice to be heard.

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"Love didn't hurt you. someone that didn't know how to Love, hurt you. Please don't confuse the two." I can not express how true this is. I learned this a long time ago. People always asked me how I could love again after so many hurts..simple it wasn't real love, it was a broken and hurting person who chose to hurt me, not Love =)

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Never have I loved some one so much that I could feel so much comfort by merely looking in those beautiful eyes.

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pınterest: @ısabella

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