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British Man Claims To Have Photographed Actual Fairies

Could these tiny winged creatures be real fairies? | British Man Claims To Have Photographed Actual Fairies

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I've always wanted to read the real fairy tales-- not just the ones Disney creates for us

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Early 1920s picture that inspired Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (author of Sherlock Holmes) to continue his fairy hunt. The Cottingly pictures/fairies were the subjects of the movie Fairy Tale: A True Story (1997)

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Real Fairy Pictures: The Cottingley Fairies & Other Photos of Real Fairies

Cottingley fairy hoax . They made a movie about it. The 2 girls mother believed in fairies. She was sick. The girls drew & cut out fairies. Cameras were NEW. Photo published. FAME!! Met Houdini __ Area was inundated with Press & crowds. (meanwhile Real fairies had to leave area / Then came to the girls room, so they believe too - even though they began to cheer up mum.

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How to Become Friends with Fairies in 5 Steps

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The Museum of Fantastic Specimens exhibits specimens of fantasy and mythological creatures. This cryptozoology museum is curated by Hajime Emoto, based in Japan.If I visit Japan, I want to see this museum too

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