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10 Overly Cute Japanese School Buses That Go the Extra Smile

10 Overly Cute Japanese School Buses That Go the Extra Smile. I'm dying to see the dog bus "chase" down the cat ones. LOL

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Not talking about the north and south poles! I’m talking about the metal poles in buses and subways. I cringe at the idea of sitting on a toilet in the winter, imagine having to hold on to a stainless steel pole for support during a subway ride! *shudder* Read more at Yanko Design

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Moment in time: Sept. 6, 1992 — When a moose hunter found Christopher McCandless’s body tucked into a sleeping bag on an old Fairbanks City bus, he weighed a scant 67 pounds. Off Alaska’s Stampede Trail, the 24-year-old from Virginia had been dead for more than two weeks, likely of starvation.

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31 casas fantásticas construídas com objetos improváveis

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The Energy Bus | Poster Download - Download, Print and Share!

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FREE The Complete Magic School Bus Reading List (+ Free Download!)

The Magic School Books Series by multiple authors is a great series to incorporate in your science lessons! I chose these books because they are both educational and interesting! I loved this series when I was in school.

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