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Ravinder Bhogal Recipes

Cointreau Caramel Orange Cake From Ravinder Bhogal Cointreau Caramel Orange Cake from Ravinder Bhogal Recipe. You know while feeding the baby and watching television, Ravinder's Kitchen came up and one of the...

Ravinder Bhogal's lamb and barley casserole

Beetroot stained salmon with horseradish cream

In Ravinder Bhogal's recipe, the smoked salmon takes on a beautiful pink colour thanks to the beetroot, while a horseradish, caper and lemon cream adds indulgence.

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Ravinder Bhogal's spicy shepherd's pie

Ravinder Bhogal's spicy shepherd's pie If the temperature's taken a nosedive, this shepherd's pie will warm you up with its mashed potato, extra spices and chilli.

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Ravinder Bhogal’s choc orange brownies