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I’m a total bookworm, and having a built-in library in the common room means that there’s more things to study.

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And that the house mascot is an eagle not a raven like how everyone claims. Personally, I like the bronze and blue color scheme better than silver and blue.

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Hogwarts house rings - Ravenclaw I think all of us Ravenclaws should have these so we can identify each other! | I like the idea of a house ring SO much better than a class ring hahah

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If I could choose a house to be in it would be Ravenclaw...and Gryffindor, of course!! But I'd probably end up in Hufflepuff .

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I am 1/3 Ravenclaw because of being in Horned Serpent. I have a little house pride for Ravenclaw. Btw, whoever is the 600th pinner of this, comment and I may follow!

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