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im going to (finally) start a series. so i decided to do zodiacs. I figured it would be nice to stat with the Rat because this year is the year of th. Zodiac The Rat

Get in-depth info on the Chinese Zodiac Rat personality & traits @ http://www.buildingbeautifulsouls.com/zodiac-signs/chinese-zodiac-signs-meanings/year-of-the-rat/

Get in depth info on Chinese Rat personality and traits at…

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The Chinese Astrology: The Chinese Zodiac Signs: The Rat

Your Chinese Zodiac Profile- Rat - the month of december is really not my month, I can assure you that ;-)

Rat Zodiac Traits, I do love winter.

The Chinese Astrology: Chinese Horoscope Signs: The Rat

Rat Chinese Zodiac Signs Asian Horoscopes The Great Favourite

Your Chinese Astrology Sign- Ox  Qualities - Dependable, Calm, Humble, Indefatigable, Logical, Intelligent, Socialable More Compatible with - Rat, Rabbit & Rooster Less Compatible with - Tiger & Dragon  Lucky Season - Winter Lucky Month - January Lucky Stone - Onyx Lucky Numbers - 1, 3, 5 Lucky Color - Yellow & Blue Polarity - Yin

And people wonder why my favorite season is winter

The RAT Personality

The RAT Personality

What's your Chinese zodiac sign?

Chinese Astrology has 12 animal signs based on your day, month and decade of birth. Every sign takes a different approach to life and love. Find out your Chinese sign and its unique characteristics now!

Chinese Zodiac Rat

Chinese Zodiac Rat

Chinese Zodiac Rat years are Get in-depth info on the Year of the Rat traits & personality!

Chinese Zodiac Signs | Chinese Zodiac Signs - Oriental Gifts from Got-Bonsai?

Chinese New Year Animals Meanings

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ValxArt 1984 2044 Taurus wood rat Zodiac Coffee Mugs by ValxArt

Rat characteristics poster

I am a Rat and this is all true.

Such secretive creatures, and super intelligent!

Sign of the Rat - The 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac by KarmaWeather, Free Chinese horoscope iPhone app

Based on certain things that have happened in my in the last few years, I'm pretty sure I'm not a wood rat...

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The Chinese Astrology: The Chinese Zodiac Signs: The Rat

Personality: Autonomous and secret, rats know how to conduct their life deftly and avoiding obstacles.

Year of the rat... although its mostly wrong(in regards to me) but that's okay :)

What's up, Zodiac? Chinese Astrology: The Rat