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Alberta, Canada is rat free - WTF fun fact

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Baked Ratatouille "If you're gonna name a food, you should name it something that sounds delicious. Ratatouille doesn't sound delicious. It sounds like rat, and patootie. Rat Fatootie, which does NOT sound delicious." (Why yes, I did just quote that from memory because I need a life.)

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♥ Spiffy Pet Stuff ♥ Here's a furry little cutie patootie to brighten your day from your friends at

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26 Iconic Foods From Disney Movies You Can Actually Make

Looking for a way to get your kids to eat their veggies? Have them watch Disney's Ratatouille while you whip up this flavorful dish and watch it disappear before your eyes!

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rat painting My first rat called summer was a colourful one, she loved dying her fur from beetroot before eating it

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