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Geniale Raspberry-Pi-Projekte im Überblick!

Bling-Bling: Raspberry Pi als Binär-Uhr © raspberrypi-org – Screenshot

Did you know that Raspberry Pi Foundation is a charity? Find out more at #charitytuesday

Hello! Claude (the owl #tea cosy), Arthur (the hedgehog tea cosy) and the raspberry tea cosy made it safely to their new home in France. Look how happy they are with their new owl friends! Furthermore, I have been informed that the raspberry cosy will be the 'mascot' for the circuit board called the Raspberry Pi, a 'baby computer' used for education & by hobbyists all over the world. How cool is that?! Go check out the Raspberry Pi website at . I'm so chuffed! 😀

Raspberry Pi is a tiny, cheap (25 quid!!) computer for children. It's a BBC Micro for the twenty-first century - something for children to tinker with and program. Could this revolutionise our relationship with computers?


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