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BRAMBLE Pi Raspberry Pi model B laser cut finger by bitcrafts, €12.00

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You can now build and run your own ADS-B ground station that can be installed anywhere and receive real-time data directly from airplanes on your computer. Your ground station can run FlightAware's PiAware software to track flights within 100-300 miles (line of sight, range depending on antenna installation) and will automatically feed data to FlightAware. You can track flights directly off your PiAware device or via FlightAware.com.

34.19$ Watch here - https://alitems.com/g/1e8d114494b01f4c715516525dc3e8/?i=5&ulp=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.aliexpress.com%2Fitem%2FAdeept-Raspberry-Pi-3-Ultrasonic-Distance-Sensor-kit-for-Raspberry-Pi-3-2-Model-B-B%2F32743966179.html - Adeept New DIY Electric Raspberry Pi 3 Ultrasonic Distance Sensor kit for Raspberry Pi 3 2 Model B B+ Freeshipping Book diykit 34.19$

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7" Capacitive Touch Screen for Raspberry Pi 3 Model B / 2B / B+ / B

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Cool Stuff We Like Here @ Cool Pile, The Home of Coolest Gadgets = http://CoolPile.com ------- ------- PiPhone: A DIY Raspberry Pi Cellphone #Mobile #Phone

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36.99$ Buy here - https://alitems.com/g/1e8d114494b01f4c715516525dc3e8/?i=5&ulp=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.aliexpress.com%2Fitem%2FRaspberry-Pi-LCD-Display-Module-4inch-320-480-TFT-Resistive-Touch-Display-Screen-SPI-Interface-for%2F32790103575.html - Raspberry Pi LCD Display Module 4inch 320*480 TFT Resistive Touch Display Screen SPI Interface for Any Version of Rapsberry pi

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