The first picture shows a traditional raspberry support. This is a well established row of berries and the supports do well until the wind blows the wrong direction. If the wind is blowing hard in ...

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A simple espalier-style trellis holds back raspberries growing along a fence.

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Four-wire hedgerow trellis for raspberries. These are going into our backyard garden this Spring - in raised beds.

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The 3 biggest factors in how big and juicy your raspberries get. Plus what things don't make a difference at all.

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This easy and frugal project shows you how to weave pruned raspberry canes into attractive garden edging.

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Fall-Bearing Raspberry Pruning: Tips On Pruning Fall-Bearing Red Raspberries - Trimming fall bearing red raspberries isn’t difficult, once you figure out whether you want one crop a year or two. If you want to know how and when to trim fall bearing raspberry canes, click this article for more information.

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blackberry support... Edible Landscaping: Kitchen Garden | jardin potager | bauerngarten | köksträdgård

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HOW TO; How to keep a patch of red raspberries healthy, happy and more productive. Caring for raspberry canes

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pruning raspberry canes tip prunes How to Prune Raspberries: Instructions, Photos, and a Video

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