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These 19 Dogs Are Unlike Any I've Ever Seen Before... Can I Have Them? ALL Of Them?

19 Unusual Dog Breeds And Markings Will Make You Fall In Love. They are all lovely, and very cute, but this guy is my favourite. What a stunner! I hope someone who appreciates him/her has ownership.

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Gorgeous! These little ones are Mudis, a rare Hungarian herding breed.

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Mudi :) Absolutely stunning! they are a rare dog breed in the herding category from Hungary.

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Beautiful Thai ridgeback blue girl at International dog show Mlada Boleslav 2011 Rare dog breeds... Thai Ridgeback Dogs, learn more

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** The Kai Ken (甲斐犬?, also called the Tora Inu or Tiger Dog) is a breed of dog that hails from Japan where it is a natural monument and has been bred for centuries. It is an extremely rare dog even in its native land and is related to the Japanese Spitz dog type

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Canadian Marble Fox

* * FOX: " De onlys thing worse than bein' on a fox farm, be dyin' on ones. Dey killz us fer our coats - gas, strangulation, electrocution.... and worse. Dey notz particular. De celebs must haz der ' fur '. Must runs along nowz."

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