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3D Printing SLS SLA Rapid Prototyping is an additive manufacturing process that works best for rapid prototyPing, complex designs, multiparty assemblies and even functional, end- use parts. Choose from stereolithography(SL) for thermoplastic- like parts, selective laser sintering(SLS) for industrial-grade nylon components. Information OF 3D Printing SLS SLA Rapid Prototyping Maybe something for 3D Printer Chat?

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Even more beautiful and intricate is the truncated 120-cell, a 4D object made of 120 truncated dodecahedra and 600 tetrahedra. At right is shown an SLA model of an orthogonal shadow of it, about six inches in diameter. It is quite stunning to view the tunnels which penetrate it in six different directions. To make your own, just download this STL file (0.81 MB) to send to your local RP machine.

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Oscar Blanco 3D Design Illustration Photography Online Gallery Blog: Website Prototype, Site Map, Wireframe and Mockup.

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Rhinojewel 5.0 - Gallery: Rapid Prototyping Created with Rhinojewel 5.0 and Built on Solidscape 3D printers

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When Studioattenzione visited the Dutch Design Week, they entered the world of the C-Fabriek, a new kind of factory set up by designers and innovators. Line 02 by Thomas Vailly is a versatile and low tech way to produce fluid and organic plastic shapes. Latex sheets can be stretched, scaled and blown to create an infinity of fluid volumes. Line 02 is a dialog between 3D-modeling, rapid prototyping, craftsmanship and design.

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