Student Rap Videos Teach Me How to Factor, 50 States, Presidents, Manifest Destiny, Prefixes and Suffixes. Perfect mix of cheesy and wonderful. I almost died laughing watching Teach me how to factor
My 4th graders LOVED this free rap video on main idea! This site has a ton of cool videos on boring skills...there's a 14 day free trial
Manning brothers reunite for hysterical rap video 'Fantasy Football Fantasy' | FOX Sports
Kid Friendly Videos That Teach Geometry - Lucky Little Learners
Peyton and Eli Manning Bring Their A Game With a New Rap Video -- @freelorry this is your boy.. meanwhile our boy married a model.. right @mackenzie12222
Great video to share for 100's day!
Got News WTF  !!  Published By: NY POST  ‘Kill Cops’ Rap Video  Bronx Public Defenders appear in ‘kill cops’ rap video !  Taxpayers pay their salaries — but that hasn’t stopped two Bronx public defenders from appearing in a vile online rap video that urges black people to kill The video by rappers Uncle Murda and Maino ONE OF THEM SERVED TIME IN PRISON FOR TRYING TO KILL A POLICE OFC and burglary ! FIRE THEIR BUTTS !