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Seriously!!!!!!!! The yr I got the sh!t kicked out of me

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Everyone! Please take note! These bois are the walking MEMES

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You walked away over and over and I let you back in just so you could walk away one last time.

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The Walking Dead #TWD #LOL

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As long as something positive is happening for the good guys!!! Last half was TOUGH.

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And ohhh it will be awesome... can't wait. (Hope they follow the graphic novel for this!!)

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My heart was being crushed slowly. You know when you think your heart is breaking when your reading something and you think nothing can hurt it even more. WELL IT JUST KEPT GETTING WORSE!

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Jeff Perrott, Random Walks in Endless Fields (2010)

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Another Random Walk by Edward Gorey

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I'm a passionate romantic who loves all things sensual. This means that now and then, not everything...

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Happy Birthday Michael Cudlitz! - Best of The Walking Dead

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people who walk slow in front of me make me CRAZY - unless they are doing it on purpose cause they are aware I check out their rear view - makes me another kind of crazy.

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