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smile box | students can write thank-you notes to classmates who made them smile | notes are read aloud during morning meeting | great idea for community building!


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Group Practice Accountability... Ss work problem with their team. Use random number selector to choose team number and seat number. That person must explain how to do the problem.


RANDOM NAME SELECTOR: This is simple way to call on students when no one is volunteering! Kinda like popsicle sticks, but much more techy! Random Name Selector--kids loved it last year! Also has "group" setting


Seating Chart Maker - This tool will help you make a free printable seating chart for an unlimited number of classes in minutes. You can enter up to 30 names into our Class List Maker form, then watch as they are randomly placed in your classroom.


Easy To Use And Attractive Number Selector Software For US And UK Bingo Or Raffle Style Games Requiring Random Numbers & Ticket Printing. See more! :

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