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Dilbert: "I have uncontrollable urges to show people better ways to do things." Fighting Darwin: Engineering Humor

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23 Times Jayne Cobb Set The Perfect Example In Life

When he was appropriately freaked out by murder threats. | 23 Times Jayne Cobb Set The Perfect Example In Life

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Never too old to have a favorite blanket. (This one is ours!) #regram @ratandniece

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Svenska | Swedish [I] Jag är inte bra på känslor. - I'm not good with feelings. / Antingen känner jag alldeles för mycket, eller absolut ingenting alls. - Either I feel too much, or nothing at all.

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How long will it take you to count to one million? - WTF fun fact

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agnes cappadoro - paper sculpture <3

agnes cappadoro - paper sculpture <3

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disney - genderbent by pandabaka - whoa whoa whoa, a dude who skins puppies can NOT look that attractive.
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Four Communication Styles That Almost Guarantee Divorce

Save your marriage be avoiding these four leaders of divorce.

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