Ralph Macchio...I had the biggest crush..;)

'Memba Them? -- Part 1 - In the Ralph Macchio became famous for starring in "The Outsiders" and playing Daniel LaRusso in the first three "Karate Kid" films.

you-dig-okay-baby:    MY JOHNNY <3 RALPH MACCHIO

Ralph Macchio (Johnny Cade )wearing The Outsiders cast jacket. I have Glenn Withrow's (Tim Shepard) cast jacket.


Rocky vs. The Karate Kid

The Karate Kid is STILL one of my favs! & Ralph Macchio is STILL a hottie! I STILL can't believe he was 22 in the first Karate Kid movie!

Ralph Macchio & C. Thomas Howell from the Outsiders

Ralph Macchio & C. Thomas Howell - The Outsiders Stay golden Ponyboy!