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Providing Meat for Our Family- Homestead Goal

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Butchering Chickens: Tips to Make This Farm Chore Easier

Raising meat birds is one more step toward self-sufficiency as we work to remove battery-raised animals from our menu. Here are tips from folks all across the country who have butchered their own chickens. Take them to heart to make this farm task as easy as possible.

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6 Best Farm Animals to Raise (and 1 Not to) When You're Just Starting out

Thinking of raising chickens, goats, or cows? Read this article first to decide which one is the best.

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If you're planning on raising livestock (whether backyard suburban chickens or free range cattle) get the info you need to choose the best meat to raise re: ratio for food, shelter, length of time to table, etc. The infographic compares different livestock species.

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WWF Japan created a panda font to raise public awareness about the issue of endangered giant pandas. By using this font you help make others aware of this issue!

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A Simple Guide to Raising & Milking Goats

Beginners Guide To Raising Goats | #homesteading #goats @savannahhhjanee this is perfect for you

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So you want to start raising bees. Here are 10 things to know before you begin. Like how much time it will take and how much your new apiary will cost. Before you get your first bee hive, check out this list. #10 is really something to think about.

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