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The Tail Veil ( If you want to camp in your minivan you absolutely, positively must purchase a Tail Veil— and don’t forget to order the rain fly option! Here’s why: 1) Used without the rain fly, it performs flawlessly as an easy-to-set-up screened tent. Prior to purchasing our Tail Veil we carried a separate screened tent with us. Since it was one more thing to set up we’d often choose to “do without” and tolerate whatever bugs happened to be around. It also took up precious…


Lightweight Hammock Rain Fly

Lightweight Hammock Rain Fly – Browse this page for information about a lightweight hammock rain fly to protect you from rain while camping.


Rain Tarp Design

When camping, I like to make use of tarps to add weather protection to my standard setup. For example, I erect a tarp over my tent (which has a full rain fly) to provide additional protection against both rain and heat. Tarps are also useful to making permanent structures like a basic dining shelter even more useful and comfortable.