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beautiful...reminds me so much of my Muffin Kitty Cat..a ragdoll. Rag doll cats have so much personality.

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.loved my Ragdoll/Birman boos, Kitty Grey 21 yrs & Jasmine, who I rescued & she only lived 6 weeks. they are the most loving, velcro like, compassionate cats. They knew when I was hurting & would gently lay next to me. All of my other cats, though I loved, never had that intuition.

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Yes, I have a dream kitten/cat! In a few years hopefully :) (Ragdoll kittens)

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Unbelievably cute. Ragdoll Kitten. We now have one of our own that looks just like this!

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Cat Therapy: 30 seconds of sheer bliss as my fluffy adorable rescued ragdoll-mix Oni plays with his new toy in slow motion.

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