Rafael Correa during his inaugural speech as president of Ecuador.

Detectan “gigantesco fraude electoral” de Rafael Correa en Ecuador

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El video de Rafael Correa que se hizo viral - http://www.notiexpresscolor.com/2016/11/28/el-video-de-rafael-correa-que-se-hizo-viral/

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Rafael Correa, President of Ecuador

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Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa said there will be more arrests in the corruption scandal involving officials in Brazil's largest construction company, Odebecht, and the local state-run oil company Petroecuador, as investigations continue in both countries. The comments come after a former Odebrecht secretary in Ecuador published information about alleged corruption between 1987 and 1992 enabling the government to obtain a list of 18 names of people related to Odebrecht officials in…

Ecuadoran president Rafael Correa on Sunday denounced "fantasies of trickle-down theories" and said that it's neoliberalism, not socialism that has failed his region.

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Rafael Correa ,premio a la Libertad de Expresion?

CIA Allegedly Using Drug Money to Overthrow Ecuador President Rafael Correa (VIDEOS) | TheSleuthJournal

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