ARTICLE - History of the "radium girls" - In the 1920s, working-class women were hired to paint radium onto glowing watch dials — and told to sharpen the brush with their lips. Dozens died within a few years, but Keane quit, and survived.

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After Glow - 90 Years Ago Workers At The Waterbury Clock Company Began Dying After Painting Radium On Clock Dials | Issues. People. Events.

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Funeral Fund Blog: Mae Keane, Believed To Be Last Of Waterbury's Radium Girls Dies at 107.

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Very sad story associated with this Grace Fryer Radium | radium girls by erik opergeist

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Meet The Radium Girls And A Generation Of Radioactivity. 80 Years Later, They Are Still Toxic [STORY]

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12 Panel Pitch: A pitch for a historical romance set among the Radium Girls.

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radium girls poster young women who are watch dial painters in a factory they eventually come down with radium poisoning

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