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1928 cartoon showing death hovering over "Radium Girls" who died young from bone cancers after ingesting the radioactive element for years while painting watch dials. Mae Keane, the last of the radium girls, died on March 1, 2014 at the age of 107.


Mae Keane, One Of The Last 'Radium Girls,' Dies At 107

ARTICLE - History of the "radium girls" - In the 1920s, working-class women were hired to paint radium onto glowing watch dials — and told to sharpen the brush with their lips. Dozens died within a few years, but Keane quit, and survived.

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"Radioactive face cream." *It really makes you glow. Before the deadly effects of radium were discovered, it was hailed as a miracle cure and was added to almost everything, including beauty products like this.