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Radha Krishna Songs

In the 12th-C. poem "Love Song of the Dark Lord," Radha pines for Krishna, their union is consummated, and Krishna's devotion to her is proven when he applies makeup to her face. This poem set the tone for Krishna worship, which spread to Nepal during the 15th C. On a household altar, the statues of Krsna fluting and Radha dancing would have been covered with garments and ornaments. 16th C, gilt bronze Nepal. 7"


Lord Krishna & Arjuna - major players in the Epic story Mahabarata - Chapter called the Bhavagad Gits"Song of God"


Krishna means “he who attracts everyone”... What he said in Bhagwad Gita is - "I am the conscience in the heart of all creatures I am their beginning, their being, their end I am the mind of the senses, I am the radiant sun among lights I am the song in sacred lore, I am the king of deities I am the priest of great seers…" He is supreme .... n i pray on the Auspicious occasion of Janmastami dat- Krishna Gives us all n Moksha by all Means...!


Ah, the innocence of true love! Krishna offers flower to his soul mate Radha, when she comes running by the magical pull of tunes of Krishna's flute! The detailing with fine brush strokes and vibrant stone colors make you actually feel the beautiful surroundings and hear the songs of birds! This painting is characteristic miniature art from Jaipur school, on antique paper, around 200 years old. Love is in the air for this beautiful couple!

RADHA-KRSNA SUPEREXCELLENT When Krsna left the arena of the rasa dance, He took Srimati Radharani with Him to a secluded corner of the Vrndavana forest. There She worshiped Him with great love and devotion. Meanwhile, as the gopis searched for Krsna in the forest, they suddenly came upon His footprints.