Racist, bigoted moron. Him & all his 3rd grade education level followers. Eeeewww....

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Apparently a lot of people didn't feel a racist bigot should be their president.

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Racism doesn't stem from birth, it is created from influences and beliefs of narrow minded, terrible modelling influences such as parents, who are spreading their own hate instead of love and compassion onto their children.

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and the stupid, bigoted, racist people you need to eliminate from your life. You want to stay away from that stench.

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10 of the Best Anti-Discrimination Ads - Oddee.com (anti discrimination, discrimination ads)

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Trust me, I live in Tennessee. Seems the locals are far more concerned with what YOU may be doing wrong. The rules are too inconvenient for them to follow.

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Racist? I would support: Allen West, Ben Carson, Condi Rice, Herman Cain, . . . or any minority Conservative for President before any white liberal. (Racist? Not I!) If you wouldn't support these candidates, what does that make you?

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