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Which Percy Jackson character are you?

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Rachel Elizabeth Dare (RED)... she is so pretty even Percy knows it :)

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Rachel Elizabeth Dare

Rachel Elizabeth Dare the oracle

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And its a real shame cuz like, I was a huge Rachel fan. She was a lot like me. But then she kissed Percy and lost my trust forever. When i got to that part, I lost my crud in the middle of Social Studies.

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Merida Doodle by Andy the Lemon (a little bit girly for Merida, but still cool)

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I guess I felt inspired enough to paint some Lily Evans while experimenting with colouring. and strangely I love the result. I really love the result of something I did omg *_*

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percy jackson rachel elizabeth dare - Google Search

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There are tons of great versions of Rachel Dare but I have to say, Andy's is my favorite

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Rachel Elizabeth Dare from the Percy Jackson series.

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Rachel Elizabeth Dare. But did anyone else realize that her initials spell RED?!?! And Percy is the representation of BLUE?!?! So they didn't work out!!! And Percy even said that his greatest fear was RED!!!!

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