To another (or from another) world...Found by @polly farmer farmer farmer Neill

A passage to Fairyland if I ever saw one. needs a litle door frame or something.

wow this is cool x

Photo of a century rabbit warren recreation at Westbury Court Gardens, Westbury upon Severn, Gloucestershire.

Rabbit tractor. PVC drain pipe for rabbit burrow. This is a great idea, I always feel so bad I can't let them out in the yard; I'm too worried about escape, but this looks secure!

PVC drain pipe for rabbit burrow. Potential problem: Wire mesh pushes grass down, rabbits prefer grass that they can eat from the tip to the root. Maybe heavier wire, but only placed in one direction?

Watership Down by Cindy Ferguson of Scherenschnitte blog

SPACE: positive & negative space Love to see this done with paper cut outs

DIY Rabbit Burrow for Rabbit colony

We quickly discovered that our rabbits would not be able to handle the hea.

Rabbit and Squirrel Burrow Painting 11x14 Original by PoppyAndFox

❄☃ Seasons ❄☃❄ Winter Wonderland ☃❄ Rabbit and Squirrel Burrow Painting