FREE R Controlled Vowels Write the Room Activity

FREE R Controlled Vowels Write the Room Activity, time telling activity, and Measuring Penny Activity!

Free Go Fish game to practice those tricky r-controlled vowel words. Fun reading practice!

Looking for a way to help your reader practice those tricky r-controlled vowels? Print this free game of Go Fish!

FREE Bossy R song and video is a fun way to practice r controlled vowel phonics patterns, perfect for 1st grade or 2nd grade

Teach the Bossy R Pattern with this Fun Video

Lynch, B. R Controlled Vowel Activities. Retrieved February 22, 2017 from I pinned this because students love playing games, not only does she have game ideas for teaching vowels but it also incorporates math.

r controlled practice - fill in the missing sound

Free printable for making your own r-controlled sticks.  The self checking feature makes this activity perfect for literacy centers.

DIY R-Controlled Vowel Sticks

You’ll love these simple & FREE r-controlled clip cards if you’re looking for a simple way to practice those r-controlled vowel patterns!

FREE R-Controlled Clip Cards

FREEBIE - r-controlled vowels fluency passages

The Razzle Dazzle Classroom: It's January! {Snow, Opinion Writing, Text Features, Bossy R}

This is a FREE Sample from my Bossy R No Prep resource!Check Out the Bossy R No…

This is a FREE Sample from my Bossy R No Prep resource! Check Out the Bossy R No Prep Here! I also included the connecting Common Core standards for reference for A note about this product: It comes in a non-edible pdf.


R-Controlled Vowels ER, IR, and UR Phonics Game

Trying to help your students master those tricky r controlled vowels?  Try this quick reading activity!  Print the cards you'd like and read each word. If it's a real word, move closer to the gem.

Free game for words with r controlled vowels