i wish getting over you was as easy as it was for you to walk away

At night I cry to sleep and in morning its difficult to wake up coz I have to face the reality that u r not there in my life.

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i acted like it was no big deal when you broke it, but it rlly broke my heart. i acted like it was no big deal when u suddenly stopped, but it still bothers me. i acted i acted.

The worst kind of pain is when you're smiling just to stop the tears from falling.

"I smile all day long at work and around people but when I'm alone I cry all the time will i ever be happy again". Ohh I used to feel and wonder exactly the same, and yes, life gets better in the end.

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Shattered my heart actually to the point where I couldn't eat, sleep or think clearly lol. I had physical pain in my stomach and chest lmao the power somr people have over you is incredible 😅🖕🏻

One of the hardest lessons I had to learn, was how to make myself feel better instead of asking for help from the same person that made me hurt to begin with ...

[Quotes] It sucks when the only person who can make you feel better is also the reason why you always cry.

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For a brief moment, I thought I was special in some way to you. But I understand now that I am not. Now I am stuck mending this breaking heart. I'm losing you and can't do anything to stop it I forgot how much it hurt :'(

A broken heart is the worst. It's like having broken ribs. Nobody can see it but the pain is unbearable every time you breathe.  - Love Quotes - https://www.lovequotes.com/a-broken-heart/

Ive had my ribs broken many times by someone.but a broken heart feels worse cause your whole body shuts down.i love my bubz.