Sasha I miss you, don't know what I did to ever deserve being thrown in the past...hope you're happier :/

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I thought about you today and I didn't want you. Thinking about you doesn't make me happy anymore. It does excite me. I don't feel the need to hear your voice anymore or see your face ever again.

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You've been ruthlessly and callously discarded. You see your ex with the new target. They are parading themselves and their new found "love" all over social media. They are creating quite the image...

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Imaginary 80 Year Anniversary Speech for AA, or, 80 Years and ...

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i RECOMMEND THIS TO MY EX'S MOTHER & SISTER!!!... ACTUALLY, I RECOMMEND YOU LEAVE SOME FOR YOUR OUTSIDE TOO!!!! Maybe some of you girls should eat make-up, so you are pretty on the inside....

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