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Speaking out about race, poverty, riots, and our students

Being a white female I am given racial dominance where I don't have to worry about finding a band-aid that matches my skin color. As a woman I am disadvantaged by being looked at as incapable of performing certain tasks.

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Joy is a decision, a really brave one, about how you are going to respond to life. – Wess Stafford | Happy 2017! We hope that your new year is off to a great start. This year, we will choose joy and we pray that you find a lot of happiness, too.

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Add to that school health care and lunch provided everyday, which covers about a third of the daily nutritional need. #Finland #child #poverty. Finland treats minors like people who deserve to be given a fair chance at life, imagine that.

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The opposite of poverty is not wealth, the opposite of poverty is justice. ~ Bryan Stevenson #quote Watch his excellent TED Talk: ==>

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7 Great Lessons to Teach Kids about Hunger and Food Insecurity

Here are 7 great lesson plans to teach kids about hunger and food insecurity worldwide, available for free from the most involved non-profits around the world.

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"The opposite of poverty is justice" ~~Bryan Stevenson. "Poverty is man-made and it can be undone by human action." ~~Nelson Mandela. Interesting

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Infographic: The Impact of Poverty on the Brain - WeAreTeachers

Infographic: The Impact of Poverty on the Brain

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